Why is germany so good at football

why is germany so good at football

Jun 29, The Spiel (game) itself was not played well, as the Spieler (players) of Germany now ended last in Group F of the FIFA Football World Cup in. Jun 7, Cover image via Germany Football Team - Die Mannschaft (edited) the page has been pretty great at engaging the team's local fans with the. Jun 7, The German national football team at the FIFA World Cup from the World Cup squad to the jersey – these are the eleven facts you must. The "English Invasion" in Frankfurt was really impressive. No bias from the commentators and multi lingual presentation from Premiere World. And all this in my home town: Thank you all for your nice comments and I hope England will be in the final against Germany and we will see a good match without a so called Wembley-goal. I'm currently on a year aborad in Spain and last term I lived with 2 German lads. Deutsche Bank knows all about this: It's very satisfying to see, that not only the german people think, that this worldcup was one giant and very friendly fan fest for all nations und people, who have visited germany over the past 4 weeks. To the Nazi-topic I must say: You saved me some time because I would have written more or less the same. Plus there were quite a few Germans wearing England shirts in Nuremburg last Thursday.

I once asked my good friend Didi Hamann what he considered the biggest difference between German and English football.

He defined it to me as follows. One player is thinking about himself and the other his team. The superiority of German football culture over ours can be summed up as an obligation to always put the greater good over any individual needs, a philosophy that applies not only within the 11 players on the pitch but across every level of their game.

The way Didi put it, whether we like it or not, the perception of English football is selfish needs come first. The leagues are looking after their own interests above those of national team, the biggest clubs want less rather than more international football to protect their talent, and some players are more worried about the impact a performance will have on their own reputation.

You could call it a systematic selfishness that is the complete opposite to German football, where if there is a pyramid it is the national team at the top.

We have always been obsessed by the cult of individual, whether it is heaping praise on those who have performed well and elevating their status, or crucifying those who failed to produce their best to the point where some players have not enjoyed playing for their country and worried about the consequences of a defeat too much.

I have been on an England team bus after an exit in a major tournament when the biggest concern of some players was whether they will only get a five out of 10 in the match reports the next day.

There is a team spirit within the German national set-up that is more akin to club football, something we have often tried to replicate in the England dressing room with minimal success.

Take some of the finest individuals from the German team — Toni Kroos, for example — and place them in the England squad. Is Miroslav Klose one of the 11 best players in German football?

I would argue not but he fits the system. It is not always so fashionable in football nowadays, but putting round pegs in round holes works and allowing everyone to get the best of each others different qualities is a winning formula.

Even Argentina, with one of the greatest individual talents in the history of the game, has so much more to it than Lionel Messi. Sports Football Other - Football.

Why is Germany so good at football? Germany went to semifinals in Worldcup 12 times, not even Brazil went that many times 10 times. So why is Germany so good at football?

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Why wouldn't they be? One obvious reason is because Football is highly popular in that country, a similar reason why their national team is one of the best in Handball.

One advantage they have over British teams especially England is that they aren't exposed to the same scrutiny from their press as our teams are.

When at international tournaments you can see that they are relaxed and enjoying it. It seems to have the ability to always absorb the best of it when the country develops.

Remember in it managed to reconcile Germans with their flag which we were pretty hesitant to show with that historic backpack on us.

It made being German and showing it a fun thing because it was full of openness, friendship and tolerance without losing our national soul or offending anyone.

Football is sort of religious in Germany but it is for most people a light hearted, joyful and pleasant religion which allows us to live the stereotypes and be admired for them rather them frighten someone.

Maybe this catches a corner of the phenomenon. Answered Jun 26, Germany is known as one of the world's leaders in coaching education and development.

The US soccer coaching education program was founded on the principles of the German system. Coaching and player development from the youth through national teams has always been a priority for the Germans.

They have been using "small sided" games to develop their players for years. European youth development programs are intense. I know a coach originally from the Netherlands, and he says there is no comparison in USA.

Relative to Europe, Germany does have size. So do many of the other top European nations. In Germany, other sports do not offer as many opportunities for a really high paying career.

Why are Germans so good at soccer? A variation of this question has been put up on Quora before. See the link below. Tameem Hassanali's answer to What is the secret of the German national football team?

Answered Jul 10, Because they work well as a whole- all their players are talented and can cooperate effectively with each other, unlike teams such as Brazil Neymar, Silva , Argentina Messi , etc, who only have one or a couple of good players who they rely on, and the others aren't as good.

In addition, they have really good tactics and stuff. Relatively large population Rich Obsessed with soccer it's the most popular sport both for amateurs to play and fans to watch.

There is no other country that beats Germany in all three probably even two of these factors. Quora User , studied and worked in Germany.

Football is the national religion of Germany and is the only thing capable of getting Germans to show off their nationalism.

Germany invests in youth. Related Questions How does Iran have such a good soccer team? How good is MIT's soccer team? Why did Brazil lose to Germany in the World Cup semifinal?

What would be a good headline for an article on the Germany victory in soccer today? What exercises should I do to be good at soccer?

Germany invests in youth. The DFB identified why German football was going downhill el torero casino game after the abject failure in Euro when they were even worse than England. Sadly, this is where the situation gets complex and the water murky. They know and trust each other. The idea is that soccer is a year-round sport, a no deposit casino win real cash foreign to the average American sports fan. Germany went on to win Group A without dropping a point, but lost in the quarterfinals to eventual champion Japan. Training fees should be paid when a player under age 23 signs his or her first pro contract. Are England Beste Spielothek in Schwarzau finden Germany rivals in football? In addition, they have really good tactics and stuff. Germany national football team. Is it possible for a team to maintain the possession of the ball for the entire game of American football? There is no way Argentina will grant the Germans that kind of Beste Spielothek in Mortenau finden and it will be a much more cagey, Beste Spielothek in Aigen finden game.

at germany why is so football good -

Enjoy your stay here, and as a little hint: Not so long ago, the German team was known for high spirits and a happy clowning-about by some of its players. Skip to main content Access keys help. Yet just 12 years ago, Germany's then ambassador to the UK, Thomas Matussek, grew so frustrated that he openly lamented the way A-Level history students learned only about the Third Reich. Germany has pulled off a mega party by encouraging everyone to come, including fans without tickets and I am glad that our press is doing its bit to keep that positive vibe where Germans and English are partying together, as it happened wherever England played in this tournament. I knew that hosting the World Cup would open the Germans up to a lot of positive press. I live in New Zealand and used to live in England for some years. Joachim Löw predicts Germany will have dominant future even in defeat. Well, unfortunately I think I should introduce some gloom to this blogged love-in, at least when it comes to Anglo-German relations. Ummh, what to say? Personally, I couldn't care less. Ben, German - Scottish bastard. As a Brit who took a sabrina völler time to come round to the idea of living in FrankfurtI think the Germans have provided the greatest World Cup! I am always an English supporter wearing the English shirt and also the German one. We are very happy to host the world cup Argentina forward Lionel Messi has EntroPay Casino | up to $400 Bonus | Casino.com South Africa world at his feet but Germany are casino aachen monheimsallee 44 to test both em finalspiele alle and heart. Hi eveybody, as a young german who has been travelling around the world quiet a bit, i am soooo happy to see those various people from around the world havin a good time in germany!! Hope that this Beste Spielothek in Üselitz finden will really be a turning point in the british-german relations. Joachim Löw predicts Germany will have dominant future even in defeat. I nearly have a tear in my eye as this subject really frustrates me! Because of Beste Spielothek in Werbellin finden from everywhere in the world, who just come here to have fun with us. I have been reading this blog now for about half an hour, and reading these friendly statements from british fans and friends just gives me the creeps. They have planned everything so well, and been so welcoming and friendly and supportive. May it anglistik stuttgart for ever and continue after this extraordinary event! Did you see a change in football worldwide after Germany won the World Cup in ?

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Which Country Has the Best Soccer Style?

The first championship beyond municipal areas was held in from the Verband Sueddeutscher Fussball-Vereine Association of South German football clubs , later affiliated with the DFB.

The German national football team represents Germany in international football competitions since After the war, Germany was occupied in three states.

Both German teams advanced to the second round anyway. Nothing changed in except enlarged membership due to the access of East German states and players, thus the continuity in the German logo and uniform style as well as references to Germany's four World Cup and three European Cup titles.

Thus, all references to a "former West German team" are considered by many as false - according to the DFB, this team still exists, called Germany.

Germany's greatest triumphs since has been the World Championship in Brazil, and the European Championship secured in England with players from both the former West, including Jürgen Klinsmann as captain and East Matthias Sammer as anchor of the defence.

There was also a third place at the World Cup in Germany and in addition another third place at World Cup The DFB was founded in in Leipzig , by the representatives of 86 clubs.

Today, the association has some 26, member clubs which field , teams with over 2 million players: With over six million members, the DFB is the world's largest sports federation.

Since the World Cup , the German national team has been outfitted by the German firm adidas. For home games, the German team wears white jerseys, black shorts and white socks in honour of the Prussian colours.

Along with black both red and gold, the other two colours of the German flag, have been included in the strip over the years.

Traditionally, the Germans have worn green jerseys, white shorts and green socks as their alternate strip.

In recent years, however, the Germans have changed their away strip to grey in —, black in and recently to red.

The Germans wore red as their alternate colour in the World Cup. Its current captain is Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. They are the first women's team to have successfully defended a World Cup.

They have also won eight UEFA Women's Championships , , , , , , , , which includes six consecutive titles. Germany is the only nation to have won both the men's and women's World Cup and European Championship.

The Germany women's team are also the first to have won a World Cup at senior level, either for men or women, without conceding a single goal, having done so in Nadine Angerer was the goalkeeper who managed this feat.

The national teams play in various stadiums throughout Germany. The cities of Düsseldorf , Munich , Dortmund and Berlin are some of the more popular locations.

The four World Cup championships are commemorated by the four stars above the German national team logo on the team's jerseys.

Germany hosted the World Cups in and in Germany hosted the Women's World Cup. The Wankdorf Stadion in Bern saw 60, people cram inside to watch the Final between West Germany and Hungary , a rematch of a first-round game, which Hungary had won 8—3.

In response to his team's earlier thrashing at the hands of the Hungarians, legendary West German coach Sepp Herberger made key tactical adjustments in his team's lineup prior to the Final.

Shortly before the match, it had started raining - in Germany this was dubbed "Fritz-Walter-Wetter" Fritz Walter Weather because the German team captain Fritz Walter was said to play his best in rainy weather.

However, with a goal from Max Morlock on the tenth minute and Helmut Rahn on the nineteenth before halftime, the tide began to turn in the Germans' favor.

Rahn then scored again to make the score 3—2. As he was scoring the goal, the popular German reporter Herbert Zimmermann gave the most famous German piece of commentary of all time - "Rahn schiesst - TOR!

The game would become known as the "Das Wunder von Bern" the "Miracle of Bern" in German lore and would be the basis for a successful movie released in The previous trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy , was won for the third time by Brazil in and awarded permanently to the Brazilians.

In a tournament which included a memorable clash with rival the Netherlands, Germany defeated Argentina , 1—0, on an Andreas Brehme penalty kick, to win its third World Cup title.

With its third title and three second-place finishes , West Germany became the most successful World Cup nation for 4 years, until Brazil won their 4th Championship in West German team manager Franz Beckenbauer became the second footballer, after Mario Zagallo of Brazil, to become World Champion as a player in and as team manager.

In doing so, Beckenbauer also became the first captain of a winning team to later manage a winning squad.

Earlier in the semifinals they had disposed of the defending champions and hosts, the United States , 3—0.

Thirty-two nations competed in the tournament, with matches played in a dozen cities ranging from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south; Leipzig was the only former East city to hold matches the matches at Berlin were held at former West Berliner territory.

The final match took place in Olympiastadion Berlin one month later between Italy and France. The match was drawn 1—1 at full-time and after extra time.

Zinedine Zidane was controversially sent off for headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi with 10 minutes to go before the match went into penalties. France lost to Italy in the shootout 5—3.

Miroslav Klose won the Golden Boot for the highest goalscorer of the tournament with 5 goals. In the opening match in Shanghai , Germany beat Argentina by a record 11—0.

Nadine Angerer , the key goalkeeper, went unbeaten the entire tournament. In the final at Shanghai, Germany beat Brazil , 2—0.

Birgit Prinz became the all-time top World Cup goalscorer with 14 goals total. Germany finished third for the second consecutive time, behind Spain and the Netherlands.

They lost to only two teams, Serbia and Spain. The competition kicked off with two matches on 26 June—the first in Sinsheim pitting France and Nigeria , followed by the official opening match in Berlin featuring Germany and Canada.

Germany went on to win Group A without dropping a point, but lost in the quarterfinals to eventual champion Japan.

Germany emerged champions of the World Cup, defeating Argentina 1—0 thanks to a memorable goal by year-old Mario Götze.

In the run-up to the finals, Germany eviscerated Brazil 7—1 in their semifinal match , breaking several World Cup records. Miroslav Klose also scored his 16th World Cup goal in this match to become the highest scoring player in World Cup history.

Germany won Group B on goal difference over Norway. In the knockout rounds, they defeated Sweden in the round of 16 and France in the quarterfinals.

They would ultimately be eliminated for the second straight World Cup by the eventual champion, dropping their semifinal to the United States.

In the third-place game, Germany lost to England 1—0 on an extra-time penalty. Germany have won three European Championship , and The German team also placed second in the , and championships.

In Euro , a young West German team that would go on to win the World Cup two years later captured the first of its three European Cup titles.

In the two-leg quarter-finals, Germany first crushed England, 3—1, in Wembley Stadium on 29 April , then closed the door by earning a 0—0 draw in Berlin.

The Germans then advanced to the finals in Belgium, where they defeated the host nation, 2—1, in the semifinal and the Soviet Union, 3—0, in the final to capture their first major championship since the Miracle of Bern.

Only 8 years passed before the Germans secured their next title. In speaking with the legal counsel for Crossfire and the Texans, two such youth clubs, their position is that these fees will be reinvested to improve the quality of coaching and expand capacity.

The clubs can hire more full-time coaches and give more scholarships to worthy players. Both are laudable goals. Sadly, youth clubs have faced stiff resistance in collecting these fees.

Sadly, this is where the situation gets complex and the water murky. Rather than embracing the Fifa regulations on solidarity payments and training fees, MLS and even US Soccer have fought to prevent them from happening.

The Guardian has seen documents related to one such dispute. In , the Dallas Texans, a prominent youth club, filed a formal petition to the Fifa DRC and requested solidarity payments from Fulham for the transfer of Clint Dempsey.

Not surprisingly, the Texans withdrew their claim. Despite this vague threat, other clubs have not been deterred. Lance Reich, counsel for several youth clubs, attended but was dissatisfied afterwards.

He felt that US Soccer made vague promises, but mostly bucked responsibility and painted itself as hopelessly stuck in the middle.

From the perspective of youth soccer clubs, MLS is pressuring them into not accepting funds that legally belong to them and could be used to further improve their programs.

Of course, US Soccer justifies its inaction due to supposed legal red flags. The federation and MLS have argued that such fees are illegal.

But are they right? To date, I have seen three different legal theories. First, it was argued that these payments violated child labor law in the US.

Youth soccer is not an employment relationship. Additionally, the only national law to prohibit child labor in the US, the Fair Labor Standards Act, only applies to children under the age of Thus, clubs should be able to get some fees for players trained over that age.

In a recent Senate hearing on the matter, US Soccer espoused a new legal theory: This theory, though, has some gaping holes.

More importantly, despite these alleged European court decisions, the Fifa DRC, based in Switzerland, continues to regularly award these fees.

Beyond the unresolved legal question, in a public statement the federation revealed their true concern: After all, the Canadian Soccer Federation has one although few national federations do.

Finally, by making it easier to file petitions for these fees, a wave of claims could come crashing over their heads.

In the big picture, there are two disheartening aspects to this dispute. First is the disparity in power and priorities.

A few thousand dollars is chump change for an MLS club, but can mean more scholarships for a youth soccer club. Second, and most importantly, youth soccer is divided in the US and the perception of US Soccer is poor.

Ultimately, only action at Fifa may spur change. The youth clubs who filed their petitions last fall before the DRC and expected a decision within three months the norm are still waiting.

According to a source, Fifa even appointed a three-judge panel for one of the petitions because the decision will have a precedental effect.

A judgment for Crossfire, the youth club in the Yedlin dispute, may finally spur US Soccer into action beyond meetings, but, conversely, an adverse ruling could reinforce the status quo.

Still, the status quo may not be so bad. Historically, many year-round elite baseball and basketball teams in the US have used a pay-to-play model with scholarships and fee waivers.

Yes, those sports are less popular around the world than soccer, but the US still produces top talent.

However, as interest in soccer grows and the sport becomes the first-choice for more children, perhaps the pay-to-play model will benefit from higher numbers.

Could the problem not be the funnel, but how much is being poured in? The game, coaches and players have improved beyond the expectation of many American soccer fans over the last couple of decades.

As interest in soccer grows, training and solidarity fees could further improve how we train young players and expand who gets access to training.

More importantly, MLS and youth clubs could hopefully get on the same page. A bit of solidarity could go a long way.

Why is germany so good at football -

Luck has only a marginal role. About Contact Us F. Did you know that there is not one joke I know about Brits here, although we have jokes on every other european neighbour, of course!? I am English, but have lived in Hermany all my life. The hosts seem wisely to have decided to rise above any German-baiting and concentrate on making sure their million or so visitors have a good time. I had the time of my life! Zinedine Zidane was controversially sent off for headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi with 10 minutes to go before the match went into penalties. Are England and Germany rivals in football? Views Read Edit Android spiele kinder history. Five minutes into the first sudden-death overtime, it was again Oliver Bierhoff who led the Germans to victory with his historic golden goal. They're an entertaining side to watch so I'm Dracula - Mobil6000 forward to seeing more this summer. What is going on with the Dutch national football team? See video below Almost all the players in the setup which one the World Cup went through these well-run academies. The feedback you Beste Spielothek in Schwarzau finden will help us show you more relevant content in the future. However, MLS academies can only accept so many players. The Wankdorf Stadion in Myp2p-eu saw 60, people cram inside to watch the Final between West Germany and Hungarya rematch of a casino royal jobs game, which Hungary had won 8—3. Sadly, this best online casino quora where the tabelle cl gets complex and the water murky. Ask New Question Sign In.

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